Monday, September 3, 2012

Pawsome Knits for Your Dog (What's Inside)

Hi everyone.  Here are pictures of all of the patterns inside my knitting book. Some patterns are more advanced; however, no complicated stitches are used...only knit and purl. Let me know if you have any questions here or on Facebook.


Bebe's Little Bit of Sunshine

Fionna's Fabulous Bubble Sweater

Foxy's Groovy Grape Sweater (This is the easiest of all four sweaters)

Barney's Racing Stripe Sweater (Also easy)


Baby Bebe's Bottle (Water) Toy (This is a water bottle toy shaped like a baby bottle, very easy).

Barney's Rockn' Rope Toys (Also very easy, uses two double pointed needles)

Mrs. Bernard's Blue Bony Toy (Intermediate level)

Foxy & Fionna's Just Mousing Around Stuffless Toy (Advanced)


All of the accessories are very easy to knit and put together. Of all of them, the backpack requires more time to put together, but is well worth it. 

Foxy's Black Tie Event and Decorative Collar for the Ladies.

Fionna's Fantastic Neck Warmer/Hat (Does have earholes)

Bebe's Super Duper Tubular Socks (double pointed needles)
Barney's Bark'n Backpack

You & Your Dog

Barney & You Jute (Twine) Place Mats (Intermediate, uses jute twine and acrylic paint)

Foxy & You Knitted Scarf (Very, Very easy..all garter/knit stitch)

Fionna & You Knitted Necklaces (Very easy, uses polymer clay for necklace medallions)

Bebe & You leg warmers

Right now you can buy the books directly from me, at Ruthies Paint & Yarn Shoppe in Vicksburg, Mi or online at or Createspace.

Create Space

I am currently working on e-book additions as well :0). 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It is finally done and for sale :0).

Well the moment has arrived... My knitting books are officially up for sale!!! You have several options available to you. You can purchase it through me by contacting me or you can purchase the printed copy through createspace at They (the printed copies) will also be up for sale on (U.S., Canada, and Europe) in 5 to 7 days. For those of you that may desire a digital/PDF copy, they will be up for sale on Craftsy and Raverly sometime next week.  Within the next month or so, the books will also be available for download through itunes/ibooks.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fionna & You Medallion Patterns

You can have a lot of fun making necklaces out of i-cords and polymer clay for you and your dogs. Here are a few patterns that you can use.

For your dog, you can use a bone pattern. Simply place it on the polymer clay and cut around it.

For you, you can use a circle pattern. Again. Simply place the pattern on the polymer clay and cut around it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

You can knit with Jute Twine...Really?

Those that know me know that I love to think outside the box. My knitting book and knitting patterns are no exception. I wanted to create a knitting pattern for place mats for the "Your Dog and You" section of my knitting book that will be released for sale in August or September. I wracked my brain on what kind of fiber I could use. Then it hit me...I can use jute twine. Not only can you wash it, but it is also pretty sturdy and durable. Place mats are not the only things that you can knit with jute twine. You could knit coasters and other decorations or household items. I don't recommend using it for sweaters or scarves, well, not for the people you like anyway.  Wow, can you say "hair shirt" LOL.

Because jute twine is not your traditional fiber, I decided to compose a list of helpful hints that I wish I would have known before I embarked on my adventure. Here they are below along with pictures of the place mats that I knitted and painted. The patterns is also now for sale online. I will post those links again at the bottom of the blog entry.

Hints for knitting with jute twine

·      Jute twin can be rather slippery. Knit the first few rows very slowly to avoid dropping a stich.
·      It may be necessary to use your fingers to guide the jute twin and needles when knitting the first few rows to avoid slipping and dropped stiches.
·      Cast on with moderate tension. If you cast on too tight, it will be very difficult to knit your first few rows. If you cast on too loose, the edge of the placemat will not assume the shape needed.
·      Use metal needles. Wood or bamboo needles along with jute twine could lead to frustrating knitting experience.  The jute twine will slide better and be easier to work with on metal needles.
·      Use long knitting needles. The jute fiber cannot be scrunched down on the needles as well as traditional yarn; the long needles will prevent dropped stitches and prove to be a less challenging knitting experience.
·      Jute twine can be rough on your hands. If you have sensitive hands, you may want to consider wearing light gloves.
·      If you find it difficult binding off with your needles, you may want to try binding off with your fingers.

Here is the dog place mat...there is some painting required:

Here is the people place mat..some painting is also required:

As always, you can buy my single patterns at the following online locations:

Where Can I Buy....

Hi There. Some have been wondering if my knitting book is completed. I am happy to say that my knitting book is almost done and will be available for sale some time in August or early September at the latest. In the mean time, I am selling individual patterns in several different places. Patterns can be bought in person at Ruthies Paint and Knit Shoppe in Vicksburg. They can can also be bought online at  the following places:

Please note: Art Fire requires me to send you an e-mail with the PDF attachment after payment has been received. Craftsy and Raverly will let you download the PDF file immediately after payment is received. 

Thus far, I only have the sweater patterns and the toy patterns for sale as single patterns. 

The toy patterns include: Mrs. Bernard's Blue Bone, Barney's Rockin' Rope Toy, Baby Bebe's Water Bottle Toy, and Foxy and Fionna's Just Mousing Around Toy.  Here is a peak at the Just Mousing Around Toy. 

The sweater patterns include: Fionna's Funky Bubble Sweater, Foxy's Groovy Grape Sweater, Bebe's Little Bit of Sunshine Sweater, and Barney's Racing Stripe Sweater. Here is a peak of Bebe's Little Bit of Sunshine Sweater.

I will keep everyone updated on new single patterns that I release and the official date of sale for the book. 

Hi. Everyone. Recently I have been asked about making i-cords. Although i-cords look complicated, they are very easy to make. Many of my patterns, including Barney's Rockn' Rope toy, will require the use of an i-cord. 

Here are some simple instructions that will have you making i-cords in no time flat:

Cast on 4 stitches on the first double pointed needle leaving a tail of 1.5 inches (3.8cm). Before knitting, slide the 4 stiches to the right end of the double pointed needle. (The working yarn should now be connected to the last stitch on the needle. When knitting, the working yarn will go to the behind the remaining stiches). 

Knit the four stiches onto the second double pointed needle. Before knitting the next row, slide the 4 stiches to the right end of the double pointed needle. Tug the tail to tighten the stiches and to close the opening of the i-cord. 

Repeat until your i-cord measures the desired length.  Bind off stiches.